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Organisational constellations offer a way of surfacing the hidden dynamics and entanglements in business and other organisational systems. This site offers links to two others where you can explore further. 

Coaching Constellations

Coaching Constellations is a training company designed to support the application of systemic constellations in coaching for individuals, leaders and teams. On the site you will find trainings at every level as well as information designed to support your journey into systemic coaching with constellations, in service of organisational health and vitality.

Business Constellations

Our workshops offer executives, leaders, owners and teams the opportunity to bring their challenging issues into a constellation workshop environment. Each workshop offers fresh insight and information into the hidden dynamics that sustain and limit leadership and organisational systems, leaving leaders with energy, clarity and system level authority.

Systemic Coaching & Constellations

An introduction to the principles, practices and application

Since publication in 2012 ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ has regularly been listed in the top 20 coaching books worldwide and become required reading on a number of international Coaching Post-Graduate courses. It provides a deep resource for those who train in this methodology or as a stand-alone read.